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My Mission

Is to guide you out of daily survival mode by providing the education and support needed to make meaningful and lasting change.

My Integrative Approach

Bridges the gap between knowledge and action by bringing awareness to every area of your health:


Learn how to be still, be encouraged, and be strengthened, through the truth of God’s Word.


Learn how to support your body and address illness.


Learn how to manage stress and keep a calm and focused mind in a hectic and scattered world.


"I went in thinking I was going to get some tips on how to eat better, maybe even some meal planning ideas and recipes, but what I gained was so much more! I've learned to view my body holistically and get to the root of my problems once and for all." 

                                                                     D. Blackmon



Begin here by filling out your health history.

Personal 1-on-1 consultations provide a direct connection and potential for maximum growth.

Your initial 60 minute consultation can  be followed by a 45 minute weekly/bi-weekly consultation.

Small groups of 3-10 are perfect for accountability plus group rate affordability.

 Join a new group, or gather up a few friends and create your own. 

60 minute call/online meeting.

3 or 6 month option.

Large group engagements for a new level of whole health encouragement at your next retreat or gathering.

For your groups of 10+.

About Annie

Board Certified Integrative Health Consultant

In my 43 years, including 18 years of ministry, 20 years of marriage, 19 years of parenting, and over a decade of pursuing a healthier lifestyle, I have learned one thing: No one needs to do this alone. 

My job as your Integrative Health Coach is to reconnect you with you: Soul, Body, and Mind, so that you can live this life on purpose, for your good and for His glory.

I look forward to working with you.



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